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Flour Masa 

Not only do we make a wide variety of Flour tortillas to sell by the package, we also make your burrito with the freshest tortillas. When you order your burrito we have flavors of the day (spinach, wheat, chipotle, etc). Your tortillas is pressed right in front of your eyes. No preservatives added. 

La Palma opened it's doors in 1953. Located in the heart of the mission for the last half plus decade, La Palma has been serving the community the freshest ingredients such as masa for tortillas, tamales, etc. and the freshest handmade and machine made tortillas. We are also known for our tasty Carnitas, Chicharron, Chile Verde, Chile Colorado and Pollo en Salsa Ranchera. Always available for last minute dinner.

Corn Masa 

La Palma

Our masa is made fresh from dry corn that is GMO (genetically modified organisms) free. We produce many kinds of masa, white corn, blue corn and cactus. For your dessert tamales we can also provide you with strawberry or cinnamon flavored masa. All our products are fresh and have NO preservatives added. Our blue corn masa is made from organic corn. NO need to preorder we make our masa fresh all day just come oreder

You're the reason we put forth our best each and every day. But we don't stop there. We are here to cater to our community. We make unique items that are not found anywhere but our local store that are hand made tailored to our customers needs. We keep our customers happy by providing fresh homemade product at the best possible cost. Our mission is to continue to provide the healthiest, freshest Latin Foods to serve our community. 

Made fresh daily and always on hand. If we are ever out of a product, and you have a few minutes, we will make to order. 

Huaraches, Gorditas, sopes etc.